JP Morgan Chase

With about 60% of global internet making use of online banking facilities, it is no wonder that one of the world’s biggest banks, JP Morgan offers an excellent online banking service for its millions of customers. JP Morgan claim their mission is ‘first class business in a first class way’ and their online banking system certainly lives up to their mission statement. Formed in 2000, the company has continued to grow and prosper and has become the largest bank in the United States of America.

J.P. Morgan Private Banking’s millions of clients in the United States of America and in many other countries around the world have access to the bank’s advanced online and mobile banking technology that allows customers to be able to control and manage their accounts at any time of day in any country in the world.

JP Morgan’s online banking service allows customers to do a host of online banking activities. These activities include viewing your account information, monitoring transactions, gather market intelligence, transfer funds and pay various accounts and contact the JP Morgan staff who take care of your account. JP Morgan has also stated that security is one of their top priorities when dealing with client’s money. This is another reason why people feel secure banking with this banking powerhouse.

JP Morgan Online offers customers one-click access to help them monitor their bank accounts, follow various stocks and of course, pay your accounts. JP Morgan have designed an easy to navigate and understand website that allows user to manage their finances in the simplest way possible, allowing customers to save time and give them greater control over their funds. JP Morgan’s online banking services are also compatible with Windows and Mac ensuring anyone can bank with them. Another great aspect of their online banking service is that they provide an easy to understand portfolio summary that displays how your money has been invested.

JP Morgan have also realised that although not everyone carries a laptop around, a lot of business these days gets done on smartphones and tablets. The bank has thus provided a service where banking activities can be completed in the palm of your hand on your tablet or smartphone. Functions like depositing cheques directly into a JP Morgan account, sending funds via text messages and viewing intraday investment positions can all be done on your device.

There’s a reason that JP Morgan is the largest bank in the Unites States. Their reliability and brilliant service has ensured that they have stayed ahead of the pack and have kept moving with the times, designing services that has the customer at heart. There’s no wonder people trust them to look after their money.