City Group

The third largest holding group in the United States by assets, Citigroup has developed a reputation over 200 years as being one of the most reliable and trustworthy banks in the world. Citigroup, impressively, holds over 200 million customer bank accounts spanning over 140 countries. Part of their success could be down to the bank’s great online banking service which will be discussed in this article.

Ranked as the number one US Bank secure website for the second consecutive year, you can feel secure banking while banking online with Citigroup as you know just how safe you money is. Citigroup’s online banking website is easy to use and understand and allows customers to bank without any hassle at all. Citigroup’s online banking facility allows its customers to transfer funds to any firm, individual or organization no matter their location in the world.  You can also set-up schedule payments from your online account to make sure your monthly bills get paid on time. All normal features that you would expect from an online banking service are available on Citigroup’s online banking service and it allows you to check your balances and history of all your accounts. One is also able to transfer money abroad without any extra costs using citigroup’s global transfer.

Citigroup have also attempted to create a paper free world by emailing online bank customers their bank statements. This allows for faster communication between the bank and its customers. Citigroup have done all they can to ensure security and safety when it comes to their online service. Citigroup have a host of online security tips to make sure that customers are always secure and that their money is safe. This results in an increasing customer loyalty towards Citigroup as customers feel more secure with their money at Citigroup.

Technology is developing and moving forward all the time and Citigroup are doing their utmost to make sure that they are moving with technology A lot of business these days takes place on-the-go. People are often need to make banking transactions when they are not near a computer. Citigroup allows customers to make bank transactions from the palm of their hand with their smartphones. However, customers cannot transfer funds that are in excess of $10 000 from one’s smartphone. Customers can receive instant text message and email alerts as soon as transactions are made from their account. Another brilliant feature of citgroup’s online mobile banking service is that it can help you find the nearest ATM should you desperately need to draw cash.

There is a reason that Citigroup is one of the biggest banks in the United States. They know what the customer want and need and they know how to deliver it. This is definitely apparent in their brilliant online banking facility.