Bank Of America

Listed as the 3rd biggest company in the world in 2010 by Forbes, Bank of America is undoubtedly one of the leading companies in its industry. Formed in 1902 as ‘Bank of Italy’, the company formally changed their name to Bank of America in 1998, and made revenue in excess of $90 billion in 2013. There can be no questions asked about how Bank of America runs their company. They are successful, but most importantly, know what the customer needs. This is evident in their brilliant online banking service which this article speaks about.

Due to the technology boom that we have and are experiencing in the 21st century, online banking has become an integral part of how some people manage and organise their finances, and Bank of America provides a brilliant online service. Bank of America’s online facilities have been designed with one thing in mind: convenience. Bank of America allow you to do handle your bank account from your computer, tablet or smart phone – ensuring that no matter where you are in the world, you’ll always be able to make a transaction. Bank of America also has a text message service whereby they let you know if your account balance is low or if a payment is due. This will in turn allow you to avoid fees. Other features that Bank of America’s online service offers are: you can track your recent transactions, which include your visits to ATMs as well as purchases made on your debit card. You can also request that statements don’t only get emailed to you, but that you get them online, resulting in you waiting a much shorter period to see your bank statements.

One brilliant feature of Bank of America’s online service is that it allows customers the opportunity to set goals and track their spending and set up budgets – helping people so that they don’t spend more than their income permits. This means that people who might be inexperienced with dealing with their money or people who don’t want to find themselves with large debt do not get into financial trouble.  Bank of America allows you to see how much of your money you are spending on certain items. This helps you to see where you could maybe cut down on spending.

Bank of America know that time is money, and people do not have time to wait around for their lousy online service to waste their time. This is why their online facility is so great. It’s swift and easy to follow process means that online transactions can be completed with the tap of a finger.

Bank of America are not one of the biggest companies in the world for no reason. They understand what the customer wants, and that could not be more evident by the online service they provide.